03. August 2011 | City news

Berlin LOVE and AIR- cultural festival in August

Party in the sun from August 5th to August 8th with the "Berliner Luft und Liebe- Kulturfestival" Situated in the "Spreepark", a former amusement park, you can dance around old carousels and ferris wheels to electronic beats. More infos here...

02. August 2011 | City news

"Buddy Bears" traveling the world

the Berlin "Buddy- Bears" that have been exhibitoned on all 5 continents are back in Berlin. The exhibition on "Kurfürstendamm" will carry on untill October. Read here for more infos about berlins heraldic animal.

29. April 2011 | City news

Myfest 2011 - Berlin, Kreuzberg

For the 9th time the Myfest will be held on the 1st of May 2011. You can expect a wild range of concerts, shows, food and drinks, that represent the multicultural mixture of Berlin Kreuzberg around Heinrichplatz and Wiener Str, outlaying to its side streets and.... Goerlitzer Park! The traditional ... 

15. April 2011 | City news

21st - 23rd of April 2011: Friction Fest @ Berghain Berlin

From the 21st til the 23rd of April the Berghain Club will host the popular Friction Fest festival., that only takes place for the 2nd time. Amongst the line-up performers are T. Raumschmiere, God Is An Astronaut and EF. Some of the artists even stay w/ us here at the Sunflower Hostel Berlin. Good ... 

05. January 2011 | City news

Berlinale - February 10 - 20, 2011

The Berlinale is the city's largest cultural event and one the most important international film festivals. For 2 weeks art, celebrity and film biz dominate the city... see here for more information.

30. November 2010 | City news

Carsten Höller – Soma - exhibition in Hamburger Bahnhof

From now (30th of November 2010) until the 6th of February 2011 Hamburger Bahnhof exhibits works of Carsten Höller, entitled "Soma". How do we receive knowledge and how is the co-relation of science on the one hand side, myth on the other side? Questions, the artist Carsten Höller from ... 

26. November 2010 | City news

Spectacular Exhibition in Neues Museum

Works, taken by the Nazis in 1937 and declared as "Entartete Kunst" (disartened art) were found in Berlin Mitte during archeological diggings. The works are mostly sculptures, partially not identified, but works of the artists Edwin Scharff, Otto Baum, Marg Moll, Gustav Heinrich ...