30. December 2010 | Sunflower news

Happy New Year!

Sunflower Hostel Berlin wishes everyone a pleasant, cheerfull, exciting, healthy, Hippy-Happy New Year 2011!!! Hope to see you soon...

23. December 2010 | Sunflower news

New homepage online!!!

It took time, yes; it took sweat and long coffeined nights also... But after the 1st drafts in January this year, constant elaboration by Emme and setting up the content on our behalf it is (almost) finished; though finished enough to go online, as we didn't wanna wait any longer. Hope you like it!

10. November 2010 | Sunflower news

our apartments getting renovated

December is quite and chilly. We will use that spare time to renovate our apartments and equip them w/ new facilities. Curious? After Chritmas we will have some new pictures ready. Where? Here!