Sunflower Hostel Berlin - Video

An "appe-teaser" dedicated to Berlin, Sunflower Hostel and its neighbourhood Friedrichshain

We were told that an own video is a must. So here is our fulfilment of that media imperative: No information-overkill, no forced story-line, no pretentious interviews w/ guests, staff or oh-so-important owners; but simply one and a half minute packed w/ impressions of Berlin, Sunflower Hostel itself and its fantastic neighbourhood - especially when it comes to leisure- and night-life.

Thanx do David and Anselm aka DJ "Barry Manila" for shooting and editing, Barnaby aka "The Dialect" for the soundtrack, Emme for providing the final sequence, plus Muriel, Priscilla, Sonia, Stina and John for their support! Not 2 forget: Thx 2 Cassiopeia Club for the permission to film in their venue!

So get your popcorn, lean back and enjoy!