Friends & Partners

Here an overview of our friends and partners, that you might come across here and there:


Alternative Berlin

Alternative Berlin has different walking tours on different subjects. Their strength is the insider view on the alternative and subcultural happenings and proceedings of Berlin. During the seasonal months Alternative Berlin has set up a daily pick-up-point for our guests to join their classic  tour “Alternative Berlin”during season, free of charge, based on a “tip what you think it was worth it”-principle, and parts of these payments are donated in projects of that era. link


Cassiopeia Club Berlin

Cassiopeia Club made its way from a small alternative venue to a real contribution to Friedrichshain, that includes the club w/ numerous concerts and parties during the week, an open-air-cinema during summer, a climbing tower and a skate-hall. Our guests are offered free entrance on a Wednesday night w/ their guest card. link


City Administration Friedrichshain Kreuzberg

United we stand... Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is without doubt the most happening district these days. The city administration has opened up over the last years to support, as it recognised the potential, that young people create, adore and attract. Although the doors could even be more open here and there for that massive free advertisement its inhabitants have created here... link

City Spy Maps

Mr. Gordonsky’s city spy maps are part of our backbone, as the unbreakable hard-paper-maps fitting in every pocket  are the tool, we use in order to show our guests where they are and where to find what. The selection of recommended places, such as hostels, shops, bars, clubs and more are always an unusual and wide-spread way of getting to know they city, no matter if you are in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam.... link


The "Eisbären Berlin" is amongst the most successfull ice-hockey-teams of Germany, the atmosphere at their home-plays magnificent and thrilling. As an official sponsor of the club the Sunflower Hostel supports its current team as well as the training of  young talents from Berlin for the future. link

On you gain not only your dream bike at a fair price, but on request it can be perfectly adapted to your measures. link

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Fritz Musictours Berlin

Fritz Musictours Berlin offers bus & walking tours through Berlin, that are concentrating of the musical happenings of the past and present. Thilo - the founder and your guide - is, for many years part of the Berlin Music Scene and knows many artists personally either from Studios, on Tour or various other promotional activities. link


Konrad  Toenz Bar

What to say about this little jewel in Kreuzberg? Gorgeous staff, great cocktails, the deco from the 60ies/70ies is thrilling and a new definition of coziness of itself. On numerous days of the week dj’s are spinning on mono record players. This place is communicative, already a institution, but still an insider recommendation. link



Magnet Club

Magnet Club, although located in Kreuzberg, is only a 7-minute walk from the hostel away. It is known for ist great concerts of independent bands from all over the world. Their club events are also always worth a visit. Our favorite: Thursday’s Child each Thur: Rock and Indie at its best – our guests await a free drink if they display a valid guest card from Sunflower Hostel. link


Matrix Club

Matrix Club is huge and rollin' and highly recommended for our younger guests. Walking distance becomes literal - the club is located in the catacombs of the underground station "Warschauer Str." and therefore only a 5-minute-walk from the hostel. Half price and no cueing up for other guests w/ a special card available at the reception of Sunflower Hostel for our guests. link



Nirgendwo (nowhere)

"Nirgendwo" means nowhere and is an old storage and repair center for trains, now housing space for diverse workshops, penal discussions, but also festivities of all kinds, integrating residents and visitors of Berlin. The program is constantly changing, so have a look at their website and facebook-page. Other than that, their garden w/ and outside café invites to drop by on the weeknds during summer - just down head down to the end of the street...

Odysseegroup - Hostels

The Odyssee Group is a network that apart the Sunflower Hostel consists of 4 other hostels, that aims to help, support and promote each other on the basis of partnership. The other partner-members are: the 5Elements Hostel in Frankfurt, the Heart of Gold Hostel and Helter Skelter Hostel, both located in Berlin Mitte and the Odyssee Hostel in Berlin Friedrichshain, that also runs the Red Rooster Bar & Restaurant. link


SO 36

So 36 is a Kreuzberg institution. Nick Cave met Blixa Bargeld here in the roaring and experimental 80ies. Nowadays it is a refreshing mix of gay, multi-ethnic and punk culture – yes that goes together here, and has often bizarre and entertaining events in their standard programme. Free entrance on Mondays for our guests w/ their hostel guest card... link



Sprachenatelier / Language Studio - Berlin

Sprachenatelier ('language studio') in Berlin is your key to unlocking the German language w/ the little help of world-class teachers. Sprachenatelier is also a cultural and art center. Supplementary to giving German courses they organize international film festivals, readings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars. Recommended, if you want to get into the German language. link

Sunflower Hostel Rimini, Italy

Amongst 5 Sunflower Hostels worldwide we had the chance to meet the people that run the Sunflower Hostels in Rimini and quickly became friends. Just to avoid any misunderstzandings: Tere ain't no franchise chain of Sunflower Hostels, but the same symbolic and nominal preference made us all pick that name.If in Rimini, this is definitely the place to stay in - colourful and lively and a perfect location close to the beach... link