18. August 2021 | Sunflower news

From 20.08.21: For accommodation a proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test is required.

Very short-term the City of Berlin decided, that for the accommodation in hostels or hotels, each guest has to display one of the following documents to the according host:

- proof of full Covid19-vaccination
- proof of being recovered from Covid19. The proof may not be older than 6 months
- A negative Covid19-test, dated less than 24 hours before arrival. For guests, that stay longer than 2 days, each 3rd day a new negative-result hast to be showed to the host by the guest.

This requirement is valid from Friday, the 20th of August 2021.

Please make sure, you carry the according document with you, when you check in.

Happy Travels and stay healthy!

The Sunflowers