Best Price Guarantee

Guaranteed. Nowhere else on the Internet (and nowhere else), will you find the same bed cheaper than here!

If you find a cheaper deal for the same period and with the same booking conditions, you may be entitled to stay for free. Please provide proof of the price discrepancy by emailing

Why a best price guarantee?

There are many ways to book a hostel bed: You can reserve by phone, directly on the individual hostel's website or on another commission free website.Or you can use one of the numerous booking portals such as Hostelworld, Hostelbookers or Booking.

These hostel / hotel booking portals take a commission of 12-20% of the total price from the hostels and hotels. The hostels that do accept such bookings end up with only a portion of the amount they have actually calculated. This is not generally a problem for a few bookings in a given year. However, in recent years, the number of reservations through such booking portals has increased dramatically. As a result, a typical, midsize hostel may pay between 15,000 to 50,000 € per year in commissions. Coupled with the already low prices being charged for a bed in hostels, this is a big problem.

Hostels are continually being hit with higher commissions, i.e. 12-20%, by these booking portals. So, in order to not lose money, the price of a bed offered on such a site must be increased. In other words, the same bed will cost more when booked through one of these portals than when booked directly through the hostel.

For example: A bed costs 15 €, if you book directly through the hostel. The exact same bed costs €16.80 when booked through Hostelworld and as much as €18.00 through When booking for multiple people for multiple nights, this difference quickly escalates! Wouldn´t you rather use that money for a nice night out on the town?